This site had been set up to gather evidence of war crimes in relation to the Saudi led Western backed bombardment of Yemen, which began on 26th March 2015 and continues to this day. It will be used to call for a UN independent enquiry, to call on Western governments to respect the Arms Treaty by stopping the transfer of arms to Saudi Arabia, and eventually submitted as evidence to the ICC.

It is understood that potential war crimes are being committed by all sides in Yemen, therefore a UN independent enquiry into violations committed by all parties is essential. However, it is believed by the author of this blog that the war crimes committed by the Saudi led coalition far outweigh those by other parties in the war, partly due to the overwhelming size of the force used, the types of weapons used, the decision making processes clearly taken to target homes, cities and civilian meeting places such as market places, and the huge impact on the civilian population from the bombardment and blockade as a whole.

A blog has been used to gather the information as it is a useful tool to document the war crimes as a diary, logging the dates of specific incidents. However, do not think that because a blog template has been used that this information lacks credibility - the information placed here is factual and important, not a work of fiction or personal commentary.

The site is overseen by UK based human rights activist Jamila Hanan who is known for her previous work campaigning for various causes over a number of years via Twitter @jamilahanan however it is supported by a growing number of Yemenis who are researching the crimes listed,who mostly need to remain anonymous for the moment for their own protection, and also some other human rights activists outside of Yemen who may choose to be mentioned here should they wish.

All help is welcome in gathering and documenting the evidence of war crimes, as well as in presenting this information to politicians and other parties that may help in the pursuit of legal justice. All enquiries and offers of help may be emailed to jamilahanan1@gmail.com or alternatively please use the comments form below.

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