#SOS #Yemen Children Needing Urgent Care


This is Ghazza, age 8. She cannot eat, speak or play. She has cancer.

This is Ghazza's brother, Aref,  age 2. He is showing early signs of the same condition.

You can watch  a short video of their plight here:

Until recently there was no hope of treatement for either of these children, but humanitarians @rskarim1 and @fatikr founders of Mona Relief @monarelief with the help of Khalsa Aid @khalsa_aid have arranged for their family to travel to India where the childen will receive specialist treatment for their condition. However, flights out of Yemen have recently been suspended so they are still waiting to leave the country to start their treatment.

Gunshot Injury

This is an x-ray of a boy who was injured by a bullet in the face in Yemen, he also needs urgent specialised medical treatment. Yemeni commentater @omeisy tweeted an appeal for medical help on 7th August, which has now also been offered from abroad.

The boy was due to fly out of Yemen on the 10th August for treatment but on the 9th August flights were suspended for further bombardment. He is still waiting to leave.

Malnutrition and Skin Condition


These 3 children, Saqer, Shymaa and Ali, live in Dhamar in Yemen. They are clearly very malnourished and Saqer is suffering from a terrible skin condition, in need of urgent specialised treatment. Their story was tweeted by @sag22 on 10th August. Humanitarians @fatikr and @rskarim1 from @monarelief are in the process of contacting the family to find out more and to see if help can be secured for this family. Ideally they would also be offered specialist treatment abroad as healthcare in Yemen is currently very limited. However, with all flights suspended, it will be difficult to secure the help that they urgently need.

How to Help

You can help by emailing/tweeting/telephoning your own politicians now to let them know about the plight of these children. Ask governments to contact the Saudi government to allow the passage of urgent medical flights out of Yemen now, for these children, and in addition for any others that may also require urgent care.

If you are a medical professional or politician that is able to help arrange flights out of Yemen, or futher medical assistance, please communicate with @rskarim1 for the cancer or skin cases, or @omeisy for the gunshot case, or you can email myself and I will forward your details: jamilahanan1@gmail.com

It is understood the costs for the boy with the gunshot wound is now covered, as is the treatment of the cancer patients - but there will be ongoing costs to support the family of the cancer patients as well as potential costs for treatment and travel of the third family, as well as many more families with children in great need that Mona Relief are trying to help every day. Mona Relief is a Yemen based small grass roots charity that is totally dependent on donations from individuals, formed by activists during the war who were responding to urgent needs to provide food and healthcare, travelling to remote areas where no other aid organisation was reaching. You can find out more about their work and donate here: http://monarelief.org/

Please help by sharing this story via social media. Thank-you for your support. @jamilahanan

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