Quoted Reports

The following reports have been dissected for incidents listed by date and each incident found has been added to the corresponding war crime entry by date.


30 Oct 2015
Yemen: Brazilian cluster munitions suspected in Saudi Arabia-led coalition attack

27 Oct 2015
Yemen: Bombing of MSF hospital may amount to a war crime

7 Oct 2015
Yemen: Call for suspension of arms transfers to coalition and accountability for war crimes 

6 Oct 2015
Bombs Fall from the Sky Day and Night: Civilians Under Fire in Northern Yemen

18 Aug 2015
Civilians bear brunt of violence in Yemen conflict - photo gallery

17 Aug 2015
Nowhere Safe for Civilians: Airstrikes and Ground Attacks in Yemen

2 Jul 2015
Yemen: Airstrike and weapon analysis shows Saudi Arabia-led forces killed scores of civilians

2 Jul 2015
Yemen: Civilians under fire - in pictures 

28 May 2015
Yemen: Scores of civilians killed and injured by anti-aircraft fire and airstrikes on weapons depots

21 May 2015
Saudi Arabia’s Cruel Stranglehold

8 May 2015
Yemen: Mounting evidence of high civilian toll of Saudi-led airstrikes

24 Apr 2015
Yemen: Relentless airstrikes that have left hundreds of civilians dead must be investigated

31 Mar 2015
Yemen: At least six civilians burn to death in further airstrikes overnight

26 Mar 2015
Yemen: Six children among dozens killed in Saudi Arabian-led airstrikes 

Human Rights Watch

21 Dec 2015
Yemen: Coalition Bombs Homes in Capital
Saudi-led Forces, US Fail to Investigate Alleged Unlawful Attacks

26 Nov 2015
What Military Target Was in My Brother's House
Unlawful Coalition Airstrikes in Yemen

27 Oct 2015
Yemen: Coalition Airstrikes Hit Hospital
Credible, Impartial Inquiry Needed into Attack

27 Jul 2015
Yemen: Coalition Strikes on Residence Apparent War Crime

30 Jun 2015
Targeting Saada: Unlawful Coalition Airstrikes on Saada City in Yemen

15 Apr 2014
Yemen: Factory Airstrike Killed 31 Civilians

1 Apr 2015
Yemen: Airstrike on Camp Raises Grave Concerns

28 Mar 2015
Yemen: Saudi-Led Airstrikes Take Civilian Toll

Médecins Sans Frontières

27 Oct 2015
Yemen: MSF Hospital Destroyed by Airstrikes

21 Aug 2015
Yemen: At least 65 civilians killed in coalition airstrikes and heavy fighting in Taiz

10 Aug 2015
Yemen: Crisis update – 6 August 2015

29 Jul 2015
Yemen: War Crimes and Severe Shortages

30 Apr 2015
Yemen: Crisis update – 27 April

27 Apr 2015
Yemen: People flee Haradh as latest attacks leave 11 dead and 67 wounded

30 Mar 2015
Yemen: MSF treats 34 wounded after airstrike on camp for displaced people

United Nations

27 Oct 2015
Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Yemen 

Action on Armed Violence

Aug 2015
State of Crisis: Explosive Weapons in Yemen


20 Apr 2015
Oxfam condemns coalition airstrike on one of its storage facilities in Saada Governorate in northern Yemen

New York Times 

16 Sep 2015
In Yemen, Death From Above, Grief Below

The Independent

16 Oct 2015
Yemen wedding bombing: 15-year-old survivor tells of devastation wreaked on family party


The Intercept 

1 Sep 2015 
Yemen's Hidden War: How the Saudi Led Coalition is Killing Civilians 

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