10 Horrific Airstrikes that UN and EU should watch

I have compiled this list of 10 horrific airstrikes for UN and EU officials to study. I cannot say that they are the worst atrocities or even a good sample, indeed there are many more incidents that killed and injured larger numbers of people, but these are just some that stood out in my mind. They are of course extremely graphic. I list them here as evidence, in the hope that they may help to stop these ongoing war crimes.

1. This first video includes the cry of a father whose children are buried under the rubble. If you have a heart you may hear his pain.
2nd July 2015, total devastation to 2 families as Saudi led airstrike hits home of the late prime minister of Yemen

2. The horror of these families as their homes were attacked by a series of raids can only be imagined. The father at the end of the interview talks about the peace that was destroyed, please listen to him.

24th July 2015, 65 civilians killed when airstrikes targeted two residential compounds of the Mokha Steam Power Plant, which housed plant workers and their family members.

3. What happened here I have few words to describe. A young lady dug out of the rubbble, only to see her loved ones dug out from around her, dead.

On 4th June 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a small cluster of houses, in al-Maghsal area, four times, killing 8 children, 3 women and 70 animals.

4. The destruction of this little village was a terrible crime that can never be justified. I fear it is one of many, that deserves a full independent UN led inquiry.

On 3rd June 2015, a Saudi led coalition airstrike hit a cluster of houses in al-Eram, a village in the North West of Sa'da city, killing 55 residents including 35 children and 11 women, and decimating an entire community.

5. Another father, whose family have all been taken from him, without reason. Deserves to be heard.

On 6th May 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a cultural center and a home in Saada City, killing 28 people, including 7 women and 17 children.

6. An Apache helicopter attack on children fleeing to safety. An attack on the poorest of the poor in a remote area. I assume the Saudi regime thought nobody would find out about this.

On 27th Sept 2015, the Saudi led reportedly fired upon a small village from an Apache helicopter, Bani Zela in Hajjah province in Yemen, 10kms from the Saudi border, killing 28 and injuring 17, mostly children. When the region was hit the first time the people came out of their houses and started to run away, but the aircraft chased them and bombed them for the second time outside their homes as they fled.

7. Entire families dug out of the rubble, killed in their homes. There are many incidents like this.

On the 23rd of December 2015, the night of the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit 3 families in the region of Saada, Yemen, killing a total of 16 people including at least 9 children, and seriously injuring others.

8. This was one of the wedding parties attacked in Yemen. This incident was not so well covered as it was in a remote area. The bombs landed on the women's wedding tent. It was impossible to identify many of the bodies as they were blown into tiny fragments.

On Monday 28th September 2015, the Saudi led coalition air strikes hit women's wedding party. The strikes were on two tents in the Red Sea village of Al-Wahijah, near the port of Al-Mokha. Up to 131 civilians were killed, nearly all of whom were women and children. 

9. This video captures the terrible scene of neighbours trying to dig people out from the rubble of destroyed homes in the night, with their bare hands. A tragicaly common scene in Yemen. An elderly lady is among the survivors.

On 1st May 2015 Saudi led coalition air strikes targeted Al Shaab, a residential area in Sawan, east of Sanaa, Yemen. Seven houses were totally destroyed burying families in their beds. 17 people were killed, including 7 women, 6 children, and injuring 17 more. There are no military installations in or near to this neighbourhood.

10. I have no video of this incident, but the images of these two children will be forever etched in my mind. I hate to wonder how much they must have suffered in the final hours of their lives.

On the 7th May 2015, the Saudi led coalition struck a poor family household, in a village in Samnah area, Bakeel Al Mair district in the northern side of Hajah province in Yemen, killing all 14 members of the family, including several children and women. Two of the children did not die instantly but suffered from horrific burns, yet due to the remoteness of the area had to wait 4 hours without help before being taken to hospital, where they died.

It was hard to choose 10 incidents out of over 100 similar atrocities. I feel bad for the all the victims I didn't include here. There are many more you can read about on the rest of this site yemenwarcrimes.blogspot.com and many more we have yet to add.

I urge you to study these crimes carefully, to consider international law and the ongoing supply of weapons that will continue to kill innocent civilians if nobody stands up to the Saudi regime.

Jamila Hanan @jamilahanan

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