Sunday, 30 August 2015

30th Aug 2015, family of 10 people killed in Mashabah village Yemen when coalition airstrike hits a home

On the 30th August 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a home in the village of Mashabah in Mukeiras District, in Al-Baidha province, killing 10 civilians from one family including 5 women and 4 children, and wounded 3 more children. There were no Houthis in the village and nobody knows why this house was targetted.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

Ref: 15083002

30th Aug 2015, airstrikes hit bottling plant in Hajjah province killing 14 workers injuring 11

These videos document the Saudi led coalition air strikes on Yemen. WARNING, they are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and DISTRESSING. They are put here as evidence to support the call for an independent enquiry into war crimes and to call on the West to stop supplying arms to Saudi Arabia.

Early Sunday morning 30th August 2015, Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a water bottling factory in Hajjah province, killing at least 14 workers, including 3 boys, and wounding 11 more.

This is HRW's report of the incident:

On August 30 at about 3:50 a.m., an airstrike hit Al-Sham Water Bottling Factory in the outskirts of Abs. The strike destroyed the factory and killed 14 workers, including three boys, who were nearing the end of their night shift, and wounded 11 more. Many of the dead and wounded, as well as the owner of the factory, were from the same family.

Hamza Abdu Muhammad Rouzom, 26, a factory worker present at the time of the explosion, told Human Rights Watch he was on the shift that started at 8 p.m. and was set to end at 5 a.m.:

"Because we work with noisy machines, if there were planes flying overhead, we would not have heard them. The explosion was almost like a dream, it all happened so quickly. I heard a whizzing sound for a second, then a huge explosion. I lost consciousness for at least 30 minutes, and when I woke up I saw people were trying to help me. I was covered in blood and dust and had a big cut on my right foot. They carried me to my car, and as they did, I looked around me and saw fire everywhere. I saw my friends and coworkers wounded, some completely burned. It was one of the worst moments of my life."

He was taken to a hospital in Hodaida, but because of a lack of medical supplies, was transferred to a second hospital soon after.

Khaled Ibrahim Musaed, 34, a journalist who lives about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from the factory, said that coalition aircraft carried out more than a dozen strikes on a range of military and government installations that night in other parts of Hajja governorate, and the strike on the factory was the last. Two workers at the plant told Human Rights Watch that this was the only strike in the direct vicinity and that they knew of no military targets close to the area.

Later on August 30, after the airstrike, Brig. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri, the military spokesman for the coalition, reportedly told Reuters that the plant had been used by the Houthis to make explosive devices, and was not, in fact, a bottling factory. All of the individuals Human Rights Watch interviewed said that plant was being used to bottle water and was not used for any military purposes. A group of international journalists traveled to the site of the blast two days after it was hit and reported that they could not find evidence of any military targets in the area. They said that they carefully examined the site, and took photos and videos of piles of scorched plastic bottles melted together from the heat of the explosion. They could not find any evidence that the factory was being used for military purposes.

List of the dead as reported by HRW:

Location: Al-Sham Water Bottling Plant
Date: 8/30/2015
Name Gender Age Killed/Wounded
Abdullah Haddi Muhammad Rouzom Male 32 Killed
Omar Muhammad Ahmad Hashed Male 28 Killed
Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Hashed Male 25 Killed
Abdu Muhammad Ahmad Hassen Shabin Male 20 Killed
Ahmad Ibrahim Muhammad Hashed Male 13 Killed
Ali Shamil Ali Boheis Male 40 Killed
Hassen Muhammad Shabin Male 30 Killed
Hashed Ali Bin Ali Hashed Male 16 Killed
Muhammad Hassan Jalhouf Male 45 Killed
Muhammad al-Roussaie Male 40 Killed
Hisham Ali Shouai Makin Male 28 Killed
Walid Muhammad Ibrahim Hansh Male 25 Killed
Ali Doubish Male 25 Killed
Ahmad Ali Shabin Male 16 Killed
Ali Bin Hashed Male 35 Wounded
Ibrahim Ali Hashed Male 27 Wounded
Saad Ali Ahmad Hashed Male 19 Wounded
Hamza Abdu Muhammad Rouzom Male 26 Wounded
Zain Yusif Zain Male 35 Wounded
Abdu Ibrahim Muhammad Hashed Male 32 Wounded
Yahya Ali Donami Male 28 Wounded
Ibrahim Taib Ali Male 24 Wounded
Abdu Ali Muhammad Hashed Male 25 Wounded
Adel Muhammad Ismael Male 18 Wounded
Muhammad Ibrahim Zamoh Male 40 Wounded

Thursday, 27 August 2015

27th Aug 2015, 18 killed 19 injured when petrol station in middle of community blown up by coalition airstrike in Yemen

On 27th August 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes killed at least 18 civilians including 6 children and wounded at least 16 others including 6 children and 3 women when they bombed a petrol station next located at a central community meeting place next to shops and a mosque. The whole area was devastated as a result and now remains vacant as most of the people fled elsewhere to live in far away villages.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

Monday, 24 August 2015

24th Aug 2015, 4 killed 2 injured in Al-Mesgah village, Ibb governorate, when home hit by coalition airstrike in Yemen

On the 24th August 2015, the a Saudi led coalition airstrike hit a house in Al-Mesgah village in Al-Saddah district of Ibb governorate, killing 4 civilians including a woman, and wounding 2 others including a child.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

Ref: 15082402

24th Aug 2015, village buried by Saudi coalition airstrike in Yemen. 6 bodies retrieved, others still buried in the rubble.

On the 24th August 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes destroyed a village along the Yemen border with Saudi Arabia, at Bani Sayah in Razih, Sadah governorate. Bodies of six members of the same family, all women and children, were retrieved. It is believed that most of the other villagers are still buried under the debris. Survivors have been searching for missing family members in the rubble.  A man's head has been found embedded in the debris but they can't get him out - it is thought that his child may be buried next to him. Cattle were also destroyed.

Warning: This video is graphic and distressing. It is placed here as evidence of war crimes to call for a UN investigation and for Western governments to respect the Arms Treaty and stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Ref: 15082401

Friday, 21 August 2015

20th Aug 2015, 65 civilians killed by Saudi led coalition airstrike on Taiz Yemen including 17 from one family

On 20th August 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit 17 houses killing at least 65 civilians in the province of Taiz including 17 from one family and including at least 17 children and 20 women. At least another 23 more people were injured.

This is Médecins Sans Frontières' report of the incident:
'More than 65 civilians in the province of Taiz, Yemen have been killed in Saudi-led air strikes today, including 17 people from one family.

The deaths occurred when the strikes hit civilian homes in the area. Those who survived the bombings are searching through the rubble with their bare hands in the hope of finding survivors, as well as the bodies of victims of the attack. Many others are believed to have been injured or killed in the past week in air strikes, shelling and fighting in densely populated areas.

Patients and MSF staff are unable to reach hospitals due to the heavy fighting and air strikes in Taiz. Of the twenty hospitals that existed in Taiz, only seven are still able to receive wounded and are caring for a population of over 600,000 people. These seven hospitals are totally overwhelmed with wounded patients and have run out of essential medication.  At the same time, we also know that many people are not able to reach the hospitals due to the heavy fighting. Medical teams are also having trouble reaching the hospitals because the roads are too dangerous due to the intensity of the fighting.

We understand that during this most recent air strike 17 houses were hit and more than 65 are believed to have died, among them at least 17 children and 20 women. Twenty-three people were injured and were brought to one of the MSF supported hospitals which are partially functioning.

It is very frustrating that people are dying in the streets of Taiz and our teams are unable to reach injured people. MSF is trying to provide first aid kits to nurses and doctors so they can treat injured people who are not able to reach the hospital, but we know it is not enough. The medical team inside the Al Rawdah hospital is doing what they can but the numbers of patients keep growing and essential treatments and materials, such as anaesthetics and infusions are no longer available.'

WARNING: the following videos are extremely GRAPHIC and DISTURBING. They are put here as evidence of war crimes.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

Ref: 15082101

Monday, 17 August 2015

17th Aug 2015, 3 women 2 children killed in Jeblah when airstrike hits residential appartments in Yemen

On the 17th August 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes killed at least 5 civilians including 3 women and 2 children, and wounded at least 5 more civilians including a woman, in the Al-Qarameah neighbourhood in the main street in Jeblah, 6kms south of Ibb city, when a 2 story house containing 8 apartments housing 6 families was targeted. Most of the residents were believed to have been displaced people from Ta'iz and Hodaidah who were then displaced for a second time. There were no militants believed to have been in the area.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

Ref: 15081701

Sunday, 9 August 2015

9th Aug 2015, 1 child killed, 3 civilians injured, when autoparts shop south of Taiz hit by coalition airstrike in Yemen

On the 9th August 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes struck a shop for autoparts in Al-Rahidah, Dumnat Khadder district 40 kms south of the city of Ta'iz. It killed one child and injured three civilians including a child.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:
Ref: 15080901

Saturday, 8 August 2015

8th Aug 2015, 8 killed including 2 women 3 children when 8 homes in Radhma district of Yemen destroyed by Saudi led coalition airstrikes

On 8th August 2015, Saudi led coalition airstrikes destroyed 8 homes in the village of Shara'a in Radhma district in the governorate of Ibb, Yemen, killing 8 civilians including 2 women and 3 children, and wounding at least 2 more.

This is HRW's report of the incident:

On August 8, starting at 8:30 p.m., coalition aircraft dropped five bombs in the span of several minutes, destroying eight homes in the village of Shara`a, located in southern Ibb governorate’s Radhma district. The village has a population of about 800 people. The strikes killed eight civilians, including three women and three children, and left at least two civilians wounded. The al-Salam military base, which was occupied by Houthi forces, is located two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the village. Although the base was apparently not struck, 10 minutes before bombs hit Shara`a, two strikes hit the Al-Ahram event hall, located next to the base.

Human Rights Watch was not able to visit the village, but spoke to seven residents by telephone.

At 8:30 p.m. the first bomb hit the home of Mane`a al-Haddi, killing his mother, wife, sister and his sister’s two children, ages 6 and 7. The blast wounded him as well. He told Human Rights Watch:

"The first strike that hit the village targeted my house. I ran out to see what had happened, despite being injured. But two minutes later, my cousin’s house was hit by a second bomb. Then minutes later, two more fell, one on my house again, and a fourth on my cousin’s house again."

Another resident described the scene after the first strike:

"I never expected to see something similar, people running around and crying. It was horrific. We were trying to pull some of the people out the rubble when two minutes later another bomb fell and sent us running."

Minutes after the first strike, a bomb hit the home of Sheikh Muhammad al-Haddi, a retired army general, only a few meters from the first strike. His home was a gathering place for many in the village, who used his generator to charge their cellphones and laptops because it was the only house with reliable electricity. There were about 70 people at his house at the time of the strike, charging their devices, watching TV, playing cards, talking, and chewing qat, according to Mane`a al-Haddi, who was there at the time.

The attack severely damaged Sheikh al-Haddi’s house and left it uninhabitable. Two men who ran from the house after the initial blast on the home of Mane`a al-Haddi were killed.

The blast also destroyed the home of his neighbor, Nagi al-Masan, killing 3-year-old Saeed Waheb Tanbash, who was inside at the time.

About two minutes later, two more bombs hit at the same time, one on the southern corner of Mane`a al-Haddi’s home, and one by the entrance to Sheikh al-Haddi’s house. Two minutes later a fifth bomb fell on the neighboring home of Naji Saleh Hadash, a retired military officer.

Mane`a al-Haddi told Human Rights Watch, “It is the first time our village witnessed anything like this, the village is still in a state of terror. Even the dogs run away whenever a plane passes by now.”

Nasir Mohsen al-Thaibani, a 33-year-old local resident, told Human Rights Watch that at the time of the strikes, Houthi forces were at the al-Salam military base, but he said the base was not hit by any of the airstrikes.

All of the witnesses interviewed said that there were no Houthi or allied forces in the village or passing through at the time of the strikes.

WARNING: the media below is graphic and distressing. It is placed here as evidence as war crimes to call for an independent investigation and to call on the international community to respect the Arms Treaty by stopping the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabic as they are clearly targeting civilians. 

The following news report from that time states 8 were killed and 14 injured in the incident.

List of the dead as reported by HRW
Location: Ibb
Date: 8/8/2015
Name Gender Age Killed/Wounded
Sa’adah Ali al-Masan Female 70 Killed
Yasmine Saleh Qaid al-Haddi Female 28 Killed
Adhbah Sa’ad Abdullah al-Haddi Male 38 Killed
Shehab Sinan Ahmed al-Haddi Male 6 Killed
Inferaj Sinan Ahmed al-Haddi Female 7 Killed
Muhammad Saleh Ahmed Sa’ad al-Haddi Male 31 Killed
Muhammad Naji Masa’ad al-Saidi Male 30 Killed
Said Wahib Tanbash Male 3 Killed
Mane’e al-Haddi Male 32 Wounded
Hamdi Ahmed Masa’ad al-Haddi Male 31 Wounded

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

Ref: 15080801

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5th Aug 2015, 6 civilians killed inc 3 children 1 woman, when home in Haoth Al-Ashraf in Yemen hit by coalition airstrike

On the 5th August 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a home in Hauth Al-Ahraf area, Cairo District (east of Ta'iz) in Yemen, killing 6 civilians including 3 children and a woman, and injuring 7 civilians including a woman.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident: 

Ref: 15080501

Saturday, 1 August 2015

1st Aug 2015, 8 civilians killed 3 injured when Al-Hamra village hit by coalition airstrike in Yemen

On 1st August 2015 at 1 am in the morning, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a residential area in Al-Hamra village in Tuban district, Lahj governorate. 8 civilians were killed including 3 women and 2 children and 3 more were wounded. 8 houses were almost completely destroyed and 23 were damaged.

Ref: 15080101