Sunday, 30 August 2015

30th Aug 2015, airstrikes hit bottling plant in Hajjah province killing 14 workers injuring 11

These videos document the Saudi led coalition air strikes on Yemen. WARNING, they are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and DISTRESSING. They are put here as evidence to support the call for an independent enquiry into war crimes and to call on the West to stop supplying arms to Saudi Arabia.

Early Sunday morning 30th August 2015, Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a water bottling factory in Hajjah province, killing at least 14 workers, including 3 boys, and wounding 11 more.

This is HRW's report of the incident:

On August 30 at about 3:50 a.m., an airstrike hit Al-Sham Water Bottling Factory in the outskirts of Abs. The strike destroyed the factory and killed 14 workers, including three boys, who were nearing the end of their night shift, and wounded 11 more. Many of the dead and wounded, as well as the owner of the factory, were from the same family.

Hamza Abdu Muhammad Rouzom, 26, a factory worker present at the time of the explosion, told Human Rights Watch he was on the shift that started at 8 p.m. and was set to end at 5 a.m.:

"Because we work with noisy machines, if there were planes flying overhead, we would not have heard them. The explosion was almost like a dream, it all happened so quickly. I heard a whizzing sound for a second, then a huge explosion. I lost consciousness for at least 30 minutes, and when I woke up I saw people were trying to help me. I was covered in blood and dust and had a big cut on my right foot. They carried me to my car, and as they did, I looked around me and saw fire everywhere. I saw my friends and coworkers wounded, some completely burned. It was one of the worst moments of my life."

He was taken to a hospital in Hodaida, but because of a lack of medical supplies, was transferred to a second hospital soon after.

Khaled Ibrahim Musaed, 34, a journalist who lives about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from the factory, said that coalition aircraft carried out more than a dozen strikes on a range of military and government installations that night in other parts of Hajja governorate, and the strike on the factory was the last. Two workers at the plant told Human Rights Watch that this was the only strike in the direct vicinity and that they knew of no military targets close to the area.

Later on August 30, after the airstrike, Brig. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri, the military spokesman for the coalition, reportedly told Reuters that the plant had been used by the Houthis to make explosive devices, and was not, in fact, a bottling factory. All of the individuals Human Rights Watch interviewed said that plant was being used to bottle water and was not used for any military purposes. A group of international journalists traveled to the site of the blast two days after it was hit and reported that they could not find evidence of any military targets in the area. They said that they carefully examined the site, and took photos and videos of piles of scorched plastic bottles melted together from the heat of the explosion. They could not find any evidence that the factory was being used for military purposes.

List of the dead as reported by HRW:

Location: Al-Sham Water Bottling Plant
Date: 8/30/2015
Name Gender Age Killed/Wounded
Abdullah Haddi Muhammad Rouzom Male 32 Killed
Omar Muhammad Ahmad Hashed Male 28 Killed
Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Hashed Male 25 Killed
Abdu Muhammad Ahmad Hassen Shabin Male 20 Killed
Ahmad Ibrahim Muhammad Hashed Male 13 Killed
Ali Shamil Ali Boheis Male 40 Killed
Hassen Muhammad Shabin Male 30 Killed
Hashed Ali Bin Ali Hashed Male 16 Killed
Muhammad Hassan Jalhouf Male 45 Killed
Muhammad al-Roussaie Male 40 Killed
Hisham Ali Shouai Makin Male 28 Killed
Walid Muhammad Ibrahim Hansh Male 25 Killed
Ali Doubish Male 25 Killed
Ahmad Ali Shabin Male 16 Killed
Ali Bin Hashed Male 35 Wounded
Ibrahim Ali Hashed Male 27 Wounded
Saad Ali Ahmad Hashed Male 19 Wounded
Hamza Abdu Muhammad Rouzom Male 26 Wounded
Zain Yusif Zain Male 35 Wounded
Abdu Ibrahim Muhammad Hashed Male 32 Wounded
Yahya Ali Donami Male 28 Wounded
Ibrahim Taib Ali Male 24 Wounded
Abdu Ali Muhammad Hashed Male 25 Wounded
Adel Muhammad Ismael Male 18 Wounded
Muhammad Ibrahim Zamoh Male 40 Wounded

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