Monday, 30 March 2015

30th March 2015, 8 killed on bus in Aden and 5 in a home when coalition airstrike hits civilians in Yemen

On 30th March 2015, 13 civilians were reported to have been killed by coaltion airstrikes in Aden, Yemen. One strike reportedly hit a bus killing 8 people, including 1 women, in the area of Khor Maksar, and the other reportedly hit a house behind the University of Aden, killing 5 people.

One the same night there were also reports of civilian injuries as a result of air raids on air defences, located near Hawban, in the area of Taiz. Names of the injured include Abdul Hafiz Mohammad Rajab, Omar Ahmed Ali, Mohammed Abdu Qasim and his wife and children.

This local news report mentions civilian deaths and injuries in Marib:

The preliminary report for that day from the Legal Center for Rights and Development stated 25 killed and 42 injured in Zonjbar Road in Aden, as well as 3 civilians killed and 3 injured in Marib.

Ref: 15033003

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