Tuesday, 31 March 2015

31st March 2015, air strikes on Yarim and Kitab, houses, petrol stations, food truck

On Tuesday 31st March 2015, Saudi led coalition air strikes hit the city of Yarim in Ibb province, central Yemen, completely destroying at least 3 houses (damaging more), killing and wounding many, including women and children. Two petrol stations were also targeted in the city of Kitab and a tanker carrying foodstuff travelling between Yarim and Kitab was also hit, resulting in further deaths and injuries of civilians. In total at least 14 were killed (likely more), including at least 4 children and 2 women, and at least 31 people were injured.

WARNING, this video is GRAPHIC and DISTRESSING. It is put here as evidence to support the call for an independent UN enquiry into war crimes and to call on the West to stop supplying arms to Saudi Arabia.

 Jamila spoke to a cousin of one of the victims, he said:
"He wasn't Houthi or something, he even didn't give a damn thing about politics, an ordinary young man who worked in a fuel station".

This was Amnesty International's report of the incident:

There is growing evidence that the Saudi Arabian-led military coalition is failing to take precautions to prevent civilian deaths amid ongoing airstrikes on sites around Yemen, Amnesty International said, as it confirmed that at least six civilians, including four children, were among 14 people who burned to death in further strikes early this morning.

The attacks, carried out at around 2 AM in Ibb governorate, were apparently targeting a Huthi checkpoint as well as fuel supplies along the road between Yareem and Dhammar. The dead included four children and two women, as well as eight men, but it is unknown if any of those were fighters. At least 31 others were hospitalized with burns and shrapnel wounds.

“After several days of often intense bombardment in several areas across Yemen, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Saudi Arabian-led coalition is turning a blind eye to civilian deaths and suffering caused by its military intervention,” said Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme.

“International humanitarian law requires all warring parties to take all feasible precautions to spare civilians amid the hostilities.”
Precautions include giving effective advance warning of attacks which may endanger the civilian population, cancelling or suspending an attack if it becomes clear that it is likely to cause excessive civilian casualties or damage, and choosing means and methods of attack that minimize the risk to civilians and civilian objects.

Two petrol stations were destroyed in the airstrikes on Ibb governorate. According to the owner of one of the stations, in al-Kadima area in al-Kita, several passengers were killed in a car which had stopped to refuel, and a petrol station worker was injured. Amnesty International has not been able to ascertain if there were casualties at the other petrol station.

A third strike, apparently aimed at a passing fuel tanker, set fire to at least three civilian homes within a cluster of around 30-40 homes.

Dr. Hamood al-Jihafi in Yareem hospital told Amnesty International how the dead and injured arrived after suffering horrific burns and shrapnel injuries.


The following document is are report from the Legal Center for Rights and Development regarding the same incident.

Source: YemenWar.info

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