Monday, 21 September 2015

21st Sept 2015, multiple tap airstrike kills 18 civilians in Al-Shagadrah district of Yemen

On the 21st September 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes dropped a bomb on the security department in the village of Dhar Abo Tayr in Al-Shagadrah district, Hajja province, Yemen. Jets then waited 40 minutes until a crowd of civilians coming back from the market had gathered to look at the damage, before dropping 4 further bombs around that area, killing at least 18 civilians including 3 children, and wounding at least 6 others including a child. Fragments of the bombs were found as far as 2.5 kms away.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:


This local news reports states 80 casualties (wounded and injured):

Ref: 15092101

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