Sunday, 27 September 2015

27th Sep 2015, 18 killed including 14 children and 4 women in small Yemen village by coalition airstrikes

On 27th Sept 2015, the Saudi led coalition fired upon a small village in Zeila village in Harad district, about 100 kms to the North West of Hajja city and close to the Saudi border. At least 18 civilians were killed including 14 childrena and 4 women, and 9 were wounded including 4 children and a woman.

A first bomb landed in an empty area wounding 1 person, a second in the middle of the village but failed to detonate. Residents then fled the area and a 3rd bomb was fired on those fleeing the scene.

There were some reports that it was an Apache helicopter that fired on the fleeing civilians, however Yemeni human rights organisation Mwatana recorded the incident as 'coalition fighter jets'.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:


Warning: the media below is extremely graphic and distressing. It is put here as evidence to call for a UN investigation and to call on Western governments to respect the Arms Treaty by stopping the transfer of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

More photos here (graphic).

Ref: 15092701

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