Monday, 16 November 2015

16 Nov 2015, 8 killed including 4 children when 3 homes in Salah, Taiz, hit by Saudi led coalition airstrike

On 16th November, the Saudi led coalition struck 3 homes in Salah, Taiz, Yemen, killing 8 people including 4 children. Rescue attempts were hindered by shooting from the ground.

WARNING: the media below is graphic and distressing. It is placed here as evidence as war crimes to call for an independent investigation and to call on the international community to respect the Arms Treaty by stopping the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabic as they are clearly targeting civilians.

A brief translation of the video below is as follows:
The Saudi-led coalition bombarded 3 homes belonging to Mr Abd Allah , Mr Abd Allah Mansour and Mr Khattab Ali Nagy, in Salah ,Taiz, killing eight out of which 4 were children, turning their homes into piles of rubble. Only 2 women and an infant miraculously survived to see their entire family either killed or missing under their destroyed homes. After the strikes, neighbors ran to rescue the victims, however they were stopped short when Saudi militias opened fire on them.

A brief translation of the video below is as follows:
A new massacre was committed by the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Salah, Taiz on the house of Haj Abdallah Mansour Ibrahim, a home where women and orphan children reside. The airstrike demolished the house and killed eight, four of which were children. A rescuing mission was interrupted for hours when rescuers became under fire from Saudi militias shooting out of Sabr Mountain. The coalition carried out another bombardment on Taiz Airport causing great destruction to the infrastructure.

Ref: 15111601

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