Wednesday, 4 November 2015

4th Nov 2015, poor family hit picking strawberries hit by Saudi led coalition airstrike in Yemen

On 4th November 2015 at 8.45 am, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a strawberry farm in the village of Safia Tamesh in the Sanhan region, Sana'a Governorate, Yemen, where a poor family were picking strawberries to earn a living.

A neighbour of the family reported that 9 people were injured, of which 2 were women and 4 were children. 2 of the injured children were reported as seriously injured.

Apparently the rocket was clearly seen fired from a plane by most of the villagers due to the time that it was dropped in the morning.

In the video below the children are about to be driven to the hospital shortly after the incident. The man is repeatedly saying 'they striked in the middle of strawberry farm' and he also says to the children 'don't be scared, God shall take our revenge'.

WARNING: the following video is moderately graphic and you may find it distressing.

The neighbour also sent the photos below of the crater in the field after the airstrike, as well as a photo of some of the fragments that they found on the scene. He commented that it was a surprise that nobody was killed.

Ref: 15110401

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