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12th May 2015, 60 dead 155 injured when UNESCO historical town of Zabid in Yemen bombed by Saudi led coalition

On the 12th May 2015, the Saudi led coalition bombed the historical town of Zabid in Hodeidah governorate of Yemen, which is listed by UNESCO as an 'outstanding archaeological and historical site' at risk. The Legal Center for Rights and Development list 60 dead (inc13 women and 8 children) and 155 injured as a result of the bombardment.

Sites damaged or destroyed  included public buildings, a public highway, a busy market place, a sweet shop, restaurants, grocery stores and a residential area next to a historical mosque. The strike on the marketplace was documented as a double tap strike where jets returned to strike the rescuers.

This is HRW's report of the incident:

At about 4:15 p.m. on May 12, aircraft dropped at least five bombs on the Houthi-controlled town of Zabid, 96 kilometers (0.6 miles) south of the western port city of Hodaida, killing at least 60 civilians, including 13 women and eight children, and wounding at least 155.

Human Rights Watch examined the site on July 26. Three of the bombs had struck a three-story building in the middle of the Shagia market. The first bomb struck a sweets shop in the building. The second strike, which witnesses said took place about five minutes later, hit a restaurant on the building’s ground floor. The third struck the building’s second floor, causing the structure to collapse. The force of the blasts also destroyed two other buildings housing another restaurant and four grocery stores.

Abdu Ahmed Thayfi, 36, a qat seller at the Shagia market, was injured in the second strike:

"I heard the first strike, and then a few minutes later, the second. I felt as if everything was spinning around me, and then it went black. I woke up and saw the muscle of my left leg torn open. My right leg bone was snapped in half. My brother Muhammad suddenly appeared and wanted to take me to the hospital, but I refused to go, because I knew they would want to amputate my leg."

Thayfi ended up having a bone transplant in his left leg and avoided an amputation.

Abdullah Amin al-Dhabi, 34, a local freelance editor, told Human Rights Watch that after hearing the explosion, he rushed to the market to find his cousin, a qat seller there:

"I saw at least 50 limbs ripped apart from the fragments of the explosion. I also saw other bodies of people I could recognize in front of the Shagia restaurant. There I saw my cousin, next to the bodies of three other people I knew: two of them were kids under the age of 12, another was a woman who used to sell bread by the door of the restaurant. Days later, we heard that neighbors were still finding the hands and heads of other victims on their roofs and their shops. The whole area stank."

Dr. Faisal Awad, chairman of the Zabid Relief Society, which led efforts to identify the dead, told Human Rights Watch that the authorities gathered 66 unidentified body parts from the marketplace.

At the same time as the strikes hit Shagia market, two bombs fell on a lemon grove about 600 meters (656 yards) from the market, and about 50 meters (54 yards) from the entrance to the home of Ahmed Bagesh, the owner of one of the restaurants destroyed in the market attack, killing nine civilians, including two women and four children. Three witnesses said that one of the two bombs did not explode, and that Houthi fighters came soon after the incident and removed the munition.

Bagesh told Human Rights Watch:

"Just as I heard the strikes on the marketplace, there were also two strikes right outside our doorway. My sister’s husband had just left our house—he had been over for a visit—and when I ran out, I found the top half of his body lying on the path by the door. The bottom half had been blown about 10 meters away."

Thabit Hamdain, 55, a qat seller at the Shagia market, told Human Rights Watch that a large public-sector textile factory about one kilometer (0.6 miles) from the market had been producing military uniforms for the Houthis, and said he suspected this was the target of the airstrike. The factory was unaffected by the airstrikes and had not been subsequently targeted by the time Human Rights Watch visited Zabid on July 26.

Hamdain noted that the day before the airstrike he recognized three mid-level Houthi commanders eating lunch in one of the restaurants in the market. Bagash, the restaurant owner, said that Houthi fighters often came to the market to buy qat and to eat at the restaurants, but they did not “hang around.” He also said there were no Houthi checkpoints near the market.

The presence of small numbers of Houthi military personnel at the market would not make the entire market a legitimate target for a bombing attack. A factory producing uniforms or others goods for the military would be a valid military target, but the workers inside would not be considered civilians directly participating in the hostilities. The coalition should conduct an investigation to determine whether the attack was unlawfully indiscriminate, whether an attack on the factory during working hours was disproportionate, and whether all feasible precautions had been taken to minimize civilian casualties.

Location: Zabid
Date: 5/12/2015
Name Gender Age Killed/Wounded
Ahmed Sulaiman Olian Male over 18 Killed
Khalil Abdu Sulaiman al-Mizgagi Male 35 Killed
Amar Muhammad Amin al-Ahdal Male over 18 Killed
Bunian Ahmad Sawlah Female over 18 Killed
Abd al-Aziz Salem Omar Orouq Male 30 Killed
Thabit Ahmad Qaderi Male over 18 Killed
Ibrahim Ahmad Hiba Makbuli Male over 18 Killed
Abdu Ahmad Dar Male over 18 Killed
Abdu Yusif Taher Marzouqi Male over 18 Killed
Muhammad Dawud Hakim Male over 18 Killed
Muhammad Izzi Abdullah Rukbi Male over 18 Killed
Mansour Muhammad Abdullah Mawqri Male over 18 Killed
Noaman Hassan Ragab Male over 18 Killed
Ahmed Ali Muftah Askri Male over 18 Killed
Ahmad Muhammad Awad Makbuli Male over 18 Killed
Aiman Muhammad Hassan Rami Male over 18 Killed
Gumala Ayash Said Derein (Uzaiti) Female over 18 Killed
Hassan Yahya Ismail Murahal Male over 18 Killed
Faisal Muharam Salman al-Shamiri Male over 18 Killed
Muhammad Anwar Futaini Wisabi Male over 18 Killed
Murad Muhammad Adam Haddi Male over 18 Killed
Wafa Yahya Salem Mauda Kabah Female over 18 Killed
Abdullah Abd al-Aziz Salem Qirshi (Orouk) Male 3 Killed
Abdullah Abdullah Ridwan Male over 18 Killed
Ismail Dawud Sulaiman al-Ahdal Male over 18 Killed
Akram Abd al-Hamid al-Qubati Male 30 Killed
al-Raimi al-Shaibah Male over 18 Killed
Bashar Hawash Daoud al-Wisabi Male 12 Killed
BashIr Ghalib Mahdi al-Shamiri Male 22 Killed
Bayan Ahmad Sawlah Female over 18 Killed
Gawad Muhammad Qaid al-Wisabi Male over 18 Killed
Husam Saif al-Qubati Male over 18 Killed
Hamoudah Wajih Female over 18 Killed
Salah Yahya Muhammad Ali Male over 18 Killed
Abd al-Hakim Muhammad Abdullah Ghalib Male over 18 Killed
Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Adhim Dabwan Male over 18 Killed
Abd al-Latif Yahya Muhammad Qurashi (Orouk) Male 15 Killed
Fatima Salem Omar Qurashi (Orouk) Female 30 Killed
Muhammad Abd al-Aziz Salem Qurashi (Orouk) Male 5 Killed
Murad Faisal Muhram Salman al-Shamiri Male over 18 Killed
Nagib Qaid Abdu Ghalib Male over 18 Killed
Neima Hassan Omar Kaboub Female 40 Killed
Haifa Abd al-Aziz Salim Qurashi (Orouk) Female 8 Killed
Hassan Ali Qasim Marwai Male over 18 Killed
Waila Kamela Female over 18 Killed
Muhammad Abd al-Aziz Salem Male 9 Killed
Hayfa Abd al-Aziz Salem Female 7 Killed
Abd al-Latif Orouq Male 18 Killed
Abdullah Bin Abdullah al-Shamiri (Bagesh) Male 40 Killed
Faisal Muharam Male 45 Killed
Murad Faisal Muharam Male 12 Killed
Numan Rajab al-Khalil Male over 18 Killed
1st daughter of Yahya Ahmad Sawlah Female over 18 Killed
2nd daughter of Yahya Ahmad Sawlah Female over 18 Killed
Daughter of Yahya Khabah Female over 18 Killed
Daughter of Ayash Aziz Female over 18 Killed
Ibrahim (Hibah) Male over 18 Killed
Salah al-Shamiri Male over 18 Killed
Hassan Murahal Male 35 Killed
Daughter of al-Musyab Female 18 Killed
Abd al-Majid Muhammad Abd al-Ghani Male 15 Wounded
Qasim Ali Qasim Akil Male 15 Wounded
Abdullah Ahmad Abdi Male 13 Wounded
Abdullah Salim Dawud Male 16 Wounded
Yahya Awad Yahya Murahal Male 15 Wounded
Khawla Salim Ali Musaib Female 10 Wounded
Ahmad Futaini Hawis Male 10 Wounded
Ismail Abdullah Ismail Salami Male 15 Wounded
Bassam Muhammad Abdullah Radman Male 14 Wounded
Zyad Rabia Muafa Galal Male 12 Wounded
Hisham Said Ahmad Hin Male 16 Wounded
Muhammad Abdullah Mata Male 12 Wounded
Muhammad Ammar al-Bahr Male 13 Wounded
Murtadha Faris Hadadi Male 9 Wounded
Qasim Ahmad Qasim Mahwat Male 15 Wounded
Nasim Muhammad Saghyir Talha Male 18 Wounded
Akram Wahb Allah Hafid Male 15 Wounded
Haitham Wahb Allah Hafid Male 16 Wounded
Othman Muhammad Adam Saigh Male 15 Wounded
Muhammad Ahmad Sulaiman Olian Male 8 Wounded
Murad Kadaf Sulaiman Ashiq Male 6 Wounded
Abdullah Abd al-Wahab al-Ahdal Male 15 Wounded
Adil Hatim Ali Garwan Male 12 Wounded
Ahmad Abdullah Hilal Male 43 Wounded
Muhammad Ahmad Numari Male 22 Wounded
Muhammad Abdu Hamza Male 19 Wounded
Adel Hatim Ali Garwan Male 12 Wounded
Ridhwan Abdu Ahmad Mizgagi Male over 18 Wounded
Hamada Ismail Futaini Kushi Male 22 Wounded
Walid Muhammad Ali Omar Ahiaf Male 35 Wounded
Sami Ahmad Muhammad Sulaiman Quba Male 30 Wounded
Muhammad Fawzi Khadim al-Okli Male 25 Wounded
Hassan Omar Ayash Male 45 Wounded
Isam Ahmad Bahkali Male 36 Wounded
Abdullah Sulaiman Daoud al-Wisabi Male 25 Wounded
Asim Abd al-Ghafar Abd al-Wahab al-Maghbashi Male 27 Wounded
Abd Al-Rahman Muhammad Badr al-Hubaishi al-Shamiri Male 25 Wounded
Fathi Ghalib al-Maqbani Male 28 Wounded
Hashid Nasr Farhan Male 26 Wounded
Nizar Yahya Rafia Male 25 Wounded
Faris Abdu Ali Shama Male 30 Wounded
Mahmoud Ali Muhammad Hajri Male 13 Wounded
Sulaiman Daoud Halabi Male 28 Wounded
Mariam Hatash Kharfag Abdullah Female 30 Wounded
Yahya Obaid Omar Bashah Male 30 Wounded
Ahmad Hassar Mashrai Male 35 Wounded
Muhammad Amin Izzi al-Ahdal Male 50 Wounded
Bassam Badr Qasim Mahreqi Male 26 Wounded
Abdullah Muhammad Muhsin Balkam Male 23 Wounded
Adel Muhammad Abdullah Zailai Male 27 Wounded
Ishaq Abd al-Hakim Ahmad al-Shamiri Male 20 Wounded
Murad Kadaf Sulaiman Asheq Male 7 Wounded
Abdu Salim Hubal Male 40 Wounded
Mutia Mansour Said Gabir Male 14 Wounded
Khalid Ahmad Kadari Male 38 Wounded
Yahya Ahmad Izzi Gubaili Male 20 Wounded
Abdu Ibrahim Garahi Male 45 Wounded
Murad Tahir al-Sharabi Male 15 Wounded
Muhammad Abd al-Kadir Nassir Hizam Male 20 Wounded
Futaini Ammar Salim Zawbal Male over 18 Wounded
Samir Tahir Hassan Maqbouli Male 27 Wounded
Basil Hassan Sadiq Male 28 Wounded
Ghalib Muhammad Antari Male 36 Wounded
Gamal Muhammad Abdullah Gharmash Male 25 Wounded
Nadir Rizq Izzi Saghyir Male 25 Wounded
Haitham Wahb Allah Hafid Male 16 Wounded
Hisham Ghalib Haroun Male 35 Wounded
Fadl Omar Obaid Maraqah Male 30 Wounded
Sami Ahmad Mubarab Male 30 Wounded
Issam Omar Obaid Maraqah Male 35 Wounded
Izzi Obaid Mass Maraqah Male 40 Wounded
Abdullah Obaid Mass Maraqah Male 30 Wounded
Fahman Yasir Saif al-Qubati Male over 18 Wounded
Abd al-Majid Abdullah Izzi Shaoush Male 20 Wounded
Muhammad Ali Abdullah al-Qirsh Male 30 Wounded
Nakli Ahmad Male over 18 Wounded
Muhammad Gamal Jidi Male over 18 Wounded
Abdullah Awad Qasri Male 40 Wounded
Haitham Gamal Matari Male 20 Wounded
Muhammad Saghyir Talha Male 50 Wounded
Muhammad Abd a-Kadir Nasr al-Sharabi Male 35 Wounded
Arfat Ahmad Kulaib Duqn Male 25 Wounded
Obaid Salim Abdullah Khalouf Male 60 Wounded
Muhammad Awadh Olala Male 19 Wounded
Hayel Said Ibrahim Khalil (Numari) Male 19 Wounded
Ibrahim Qasim Muhammad Shalalut (Mahwat) Male 35 Wounded
Hamdoun Ismail Futaini Qirshi Male 27 Wounded
Abdullah Abdu Hatib Male 25 Wounded
Muhammad Omar Muhammad Ahiaf Male 40 Wounded
Ali Qassim AqIl Male 55 Wounded
Muhammad Ali Ahmad al-Ammar Male over 18 Wounded
Najd Abdu Ali Shama Male 28 Wounded
Majdi Maged Guman Kharfaj Male over 18 Wounded
Nssir Bin Nassir Nawbi Male 25 Wounded
Ahmad Abdullah Abdu Quroush Male 26 Wounded
Muhammad Yahya Rudaini Male 24 Wounded
Sulaiman Muhammad Ali Hajri Male 58 Wounded
Basim Salim Yasin Male 22 Wounded
Hussien Ismail Salami Male 35 Wounded
Abdu Yahya Rafia Male over 18 Wounded
Nasser Ahmad Hamoud Fassa Male 35 Wounded
Muhammad Sulaiman Mahmoud Olaian Male 50 Wounded
Muhammad Said Awadh Duqn Male 45 Wounded
Rim Hatash Abdullah Kharfaj Female 20 Wounded
Sharjaba Muhammad Omar Faraj Female 42 Wounded
Said Muhammad Talha Male 30 Wounded
Mahmoud Yahya Qasim al-Ibbi Male 50 Wounded
Muhammad Yahya Abd al-Baqi al-Ahdal Male 40 Wounded
Fahd Ahmad Salem al-Abd Male 25 Wounded
Harib Omar Muhammad Kadir Male 35 Wounded
Muhammad Saghyir Ali Nahari Male 25 Wounded
Ahmad Mahmoud Gharbi Muhsin Male 30 Wounded
Fahim Abdu Muhammad Shaoush Male 30 Wounded
Qaid Hassan Ibrahim Galal Male 25 Wounded
Maged Salim Muhammad Muhjib Male 27 Wounded
Ali Ahmad Abdullah Ilias Male 33 Wounded
Ahmad Muhammad Antari Male 28 Wounded
Hussein Sulaiman Awadh Kushmoua Male 60 Wounded
Ibrahim Said Gabir Male over 18 Wounded
Abdu Ali Abdullah Hilal Male 50 Wounded
Naji Muhammad Ismail Najm Male 36 Wounded
Hisham Ahmad Abdu Bazi Male 8 Wounded
Abdullah Ahmad Kadari Male 29 Wounded
Ahmad Muhammad Bin al-Ahdal Male 55 Wounded
Muhammad Abdullah Numari Male 22 Wounded
Hussien Ibrahim Muhammad Shaqika Male over 18 Wounded
Kamal Ahmad Muhammad Sulaiman Kuba Male 28 Wounded
Ahmad Futaini Hwais Male 10 Wounded
Hisham Abdu Awadh Banjooh Male 25 Wounded
Abdu Ahmad Baishi (Thanab) Male 35 Wounded
Zyad Rabia Muafa Galagel Male 12 Wounded
Muhammad Ahmad Maqbuli Male over 18 Wounded
Hassan Ahmad Ibrahim Hubaishi Male 55 Wounded
Saber Ahmad Ismail Dulaiqa Male 23 Wounded
Said Nasser Tamam Male 55 Wounded
Abd al-Rahman al-Mizgagi Male over 18 Wounded
Muhammad Abd al-Haddi Matah Male 10 Wounded
Muhammad Ali Ghalib al-Inabi Male 50 Wounded
Adel Khadim Muqtari Male 40 Wounded
Issam Muhammad Ali Ikab Male 36 Wounded
Rabia Murshid Omar Khadim Female 50 Wounded
Ibrahim Ahmad Hubaishi Male 31 Wounded
Amin Rizq Izzi Saghyir Male 30 Wounded
Muhammad Salim al-Maqbouli Male 35 Wounded
Muhammad Awadh Abd al-Malik Male 21 Wounded
Ahmad Ismail Futaini Qurashi Male 23 Wounded
Faiz Ahmad Qasim Muhawat Male 19 Wounded
Abd al-Malik Qasri Male 20 Wounded
Muhammad Daoud Halabi Male 35 Wounded
Ahmad Salim Amin Balkam Male 45 Wounded
Abdullah Taher al-Sharabi Male 21 Wounded
Taysir Muhammad Talha Male 25 Wounded
Bashir Hussien Abdu Batash Male over 18 Wounded
Amro Amr Mass Marfah Male over 18 Wounded
Hani Said Ali Gawmah Male 20 Wounded


This is a brief translation of an Almasirah TV report (video below) at that time:

The Saudi-led coalition carried out 4 raids on a popular market in the Zabid, south of Al Hodeidah, which houses a large number of local restaurants, grocery stores, super markets  and khat stalls. The bombardment showered the market and nearby houses with shells, turning the streets into pools of blood and human remains. 40 people are reported dead and 56 wounded with countless missing under the rubble.

An old man appears screaming: “They killed my son in the restaurant” and another lying in a stretcher weeping “they bombed us, old people and children, they hit twice, stopped, then they bombed us twice again. Aren’t we Muslim? Why are they killing us?”

WARNING: the media below is graphic and distressing. It is put here as evidence of war crimes, to call on the UN for an independent inquiry, and to call on Western governments to honour the Arms Treaty and to stop the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

This is the report from the Legal Center for Rights and Development, listing names of the dead and injured and some testimonies of some of the witnesses:

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

Ref: 15051201


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