Sunday, 10 May 2015

10th May 2015, Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit home in Saada City killing 5 residents including a mother and 3 children

On 10th May 2015, Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a home in central Saada City, killing 5 people including a mother and 3 children, and injuring 2 other children. This is HRW's report of the incident:

Al-Sherif House

On the morning of May 10, two bombs struck a residential house and the adjacent street in central Saada City, killing at least five people, including the owner of the house and four neighbors from the Qabas family, the mother and three children. The attack also injured two children from the al-Sherif home.

Ahmed al-Sherif, 38, a watch repairman and the owner of one of the houses that were hit, was still receiving treatment at nearby al-Jumhouri hospital when Human Rights Watch interviewed him five days after the attack. Al-Sherif said that he lost consciousness when the attack happened and that he woke up in the hospital the next day. A metal fragment had cut through his intestines, requiring surgery. The attack also wounded his 7-year-old son Mohammed in the left shoulder and his 12-year-old son Abed in the arm and leg, he said. All three had wounds or bandages consistent with al-Sherif’s description.

Sherif Ahmed, 20, one of al-Sherif’s sons, told Human Rights Watch he was outside the house when the attack struck: 

"Thankfully my father and two brothers were outside when the first strike hit our house. Luckily my mother and sisters were downstairs, near the back of the house. Five minutes later, a second strike hit the other side of the road. That is how my dad, little sister and brother were wounded."

Human Rights Watch examined the site. Two-thirds of the fa├žade of al-Sherif’s house had been destroyed, leaving the inner rooms exposed. Researchers did not find any munition remnants at the site to indicate the weapon used. A crater about one meter in diameter in the asphalt in front of the house was partially filled with bricks and other debris from the house. There was also significant blast damage to stores on the other side of the street.

Ahmed Al-Sherif died from his injuries on June 3, according to a local Ansar Allah official.
Human Rights Watch did not identify any obvious military targets in the vicinity. Sherif Ahmed said that none of his family members were in the Houthi forces and he was not aware of any members in the Qabas family.

Targeting Saada
Unlawful Coalition Airstrikes on Saada City in Yemen
June 30, 2015
Human Rights Watch

The daily report from the Legal Center for Rights and Development states that 13 were killed and 10 injured in total as well as strikes on homes in Saada province that day, as well as many other incidents.

Ref: 15051002

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