Friday, 29 May 2015

29th May 2015, 3 civilians killed including 1 child and 17 injured when Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit security camp, damaging nearby houses in Hajjah, Yemen

In 29th May 2015, the Saudi led coalition aistrikes struck the outside wall of a private security camp in Hajjah city, damaging nearby houses, resulting in the death of at least 3 civilians including 1 child, and injuring at least 17 more civilians.

HRW reported:

"an airstrike on Hajja City, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) northwest of Sanaa, on May 29, 2015, killed at least three civilians, including one child, and wounded at least 17 civilians. Human Rights Watch visited Hajja City and the site of the attack on July 24. At the site of the attack, it was evident that a bomb had struck right outside the wall of the Naman camp for private security personnel, which is located near the top of a high hill in the city. According to residents, the Houthis were apparently using the camp to store weapons. The blast had spewed rocks and pieces of concrete onto residential houses located on the steep hillside below the camp, significantly damaging at least five houses."

A list of the casualties, as reported by HRW:

Location: Hajja
Date: 5/29/2015
Name Gender Age Killed/Wounded
Hamid Hassan Sabir Male 45 Killed
Ali Matar Male 60 Killed
Abd al-Malik Sabah Male 10 Killed
Amjad Sabah Male 5 Wounded
Muhammad Sabah Male 8 Wounded
Omar al-Qarah Male 12 Wounded
Abdullah Abdu Dahshush Male 6 Wounded
Osama al-Hushf Male 16 Wounded
Muhammad Abd al-Ghani al-Qushybi Male 6 Wounded
Ismail Ali al-Dukhyna Male 8 Wounded
Ali Kamil al-Dharwani Male 3 Wounded
`Amir Ahmed al-Hushf Male 25 Wounded
Abdu Dahshush Male 30 Wounded
Bint Muhammad Nasser Sasa Female under 18 Wounded
Bint Muhammad Abdullah Female under 18 Wounded
Rahma Zid al-Ghurbani Female 6 Wounded
Bint Abdullah al-Dukaina Female under 18 Wounded
Bint Ahmad Sabah Female 18 Wounded
Ibtihal Dahshush Female 14 Wounded
Maryam Muhammad Nasser Yaqub Female 30 Wounded

Ref: 15052901

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