Thursday, 2 July 2015

2nd July 2015, total devastation to 2 families as Saudi led airstrike hits home of the late prime minister of Yemen

On the 2nd July 2015, the Saudi coalition airstrikes targeted the family home of former prime minister the late Faraj Said Bin Ghanem (who died in 2007) in Sanaa. The strike killed and injured family members of the house guard, Mr Mohamed Ahmed Al Yatim, who were visiting the city to buy clothes before Eid. Three of his six children were killed, and two were injured, one of them was in a critical condition. He was also injured as was his wife and his mother (the grandmother of the children). His little daughter Zainab was the only one of the family to escape both death and injury.

At another house also hit by the airstrikes, Mr Yehya Ali Husain Al Athla was killed with his wife and 4 year old daughter. Two of his children survived but were in a critical condition. Six homes in total were damaged.

The following is an excerpt from an Amnesty International news report that included the incident with eye witness testimony from Amnesty worker Rasha Mohamed:
Anguish, frustration, grief, helplessness, seething anger.

A mixture of all those emotions washed over me as I stood next to Mohamed an hour after an airstrike had destroyed his house in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. They left me dumbstruck. He was grief stricken and equally speechless as he sat in front of the rubble of his house in his undergarments, his face smeared with blood and dust.

Mohamed had just lost his eight-year-old son Sami in a Saudi-led coalition forces airstrike an hour before I arrived on the scene, on 2 July. His 14-year-old daughter Sheikha and six-year-old son Hamoodi were still alive at the time, but trapped under the rubble. I stepped into the skeletal structure that once was their home, and followed the sound of the heaving and hoeing of men hard at work with levers. Six men were struggling to budge a huge fallen roof slab, under which Sheikha and Hamoodi were pinned. They were calling out their names in vain.

I felt utterly helpless at my inability to do anything to help pull the two children out from under the ruins of their house. I was overwhelmed and wished I could be superwoman, whilst the father sobbed in the background and the house crumbled over our heads. I could hear Coalition planes still circling above, almost tauntingly triumphant. At whose expense? Those poor children who were eventually dug out, lifeless, 15 hours later. It had been too late.

WARNING: the following videos are graphic and disturbing. They are put here as evidence of war crimes to call on the UN for an independent inquiry and to call on the West to honour the Arms Treaty and stop the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia. 

The 3 children of  Mr Mohamed Ahmed Al Yatim were buried on 9th of July at the town of Almahweet. Their names were Sami Al Yatim, Sheikha Al Yatim and Mohammad Al Yatim. This is the funeral burial statement posted to Facebook at that time:

Ref: 15070201

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