Saturday, 17 October 2015

17th Oct 2015, cluster bombs dropped on Maran, farms and homes targeted in Razih, Baqem and Sohar, Yemen, by Saudi led coalition airstrikes

On the 17th October 2015  the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit the directorates of Razih, Baqem, Sohar and Juma Bin Fadel in the district of Saadah, bombing farms and houses. In addition cluster bombs were reported to have been dropped on these areas and were filmed being dropped over the Maran district of Saadah.

Warning: these videos are graphic and distressing, the first includes a footage of dead child and women wounded; the second includes one witness carrying the leg of his friend after he received a direct hit.

The following video talks about airstrikes on farms and houses in directorates of Razih, Baqem and Sohar in the district of Saadah. One witness carries the leg of his friend. The use of cluster bombs is also discussed.

The following video talks of four killed in the house owned by Mohammed Al Oraimi,  in the area of Juma Bin Fadel, Saadah, as a result of four airstrikes by Saudi led coalition. Among the dead was a baby hit with shrapnel in the head, in addition to three women and one child who were injured.  Airstrikes then targeted  the same area of Juma Bin Fadel again but this time the house of Mr. Abdullah Eidhah - his two children were killed (his son Mourad and his daughter Safyah) and an elderly woman was also injured. In addition, airstrikes targeted the area of Faowt in Hayden district, striking two houses belong to Alramam and Ordoum resulting in the injury of 5 of their children

The following video was reportedly filmed on 17th October 2015 showing cluster bombs being dropped over the Maran district of Saadah province.

Ref: 15101701 

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