Thursday, 22 October 2015

22nd Oct 2015, many fishermen killed after Saudi airstrikes target boats at Aqban island Yemen

On Thursday 22nd October the Saudi coalition airstrikes targeted fishermen at Aqban Island, a Yemeni island in the Red Sea. 42 civilians were killed including 5 children and at least 8 were wounded. The Saudi coalition released videos to back up their claim that the fishermen were smuggling weapons - however the videos did not prove anything conclusive. The fishermen and local community vehemently denied anything other than fishing and it was well known to be the shrimping season in that area. Over the following days bodies were found washed up on the shore.

This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

WARNING: The images of bodies below are GRAPHIC and DISTRESSING 

The following images are from the News of Yemen site, which reported as many as 100 killed and dozens wounded.

Ref: 15102202

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