Friday, 23 October 2015

23rd Oct 2015, 11 family members killed when family home in Haydan, North Yemen, struck by Saudi led coalition airstrike

At 2am in the morning of Friday 23rd October, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes targeted the
family home of Mr Saghir Maswadeh in the Al Kuraid district of Haydan, West Saada, in North Yemen. 11 members of the same family were killed, including 3 women, 4 children and Mr Maswadeh and his father, plus there are 2 or 3 bodies still lying under the rubble. There were 2 survivors who are in a critical condition.

WARNING: The following video and photos are graphic and distressing. They are placed here as evidence to call upon the UN for an independent inquiry and to call upon Western governments to honour the Arms Treaty and stop the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Ref: 15102302

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