Sunday, 19 April 2015

19th April 2015, Saudi led coalition airstrikes bomb Oxfam warehouse in Yemen

On 19th April 2015 Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit an Oxfam Warehouse.

An Amnesty International report recorded this regarding the incident:

A coalition airstrike on a warehouse of the humanitarian organization Oxfam, on 19 April, sent shrapnel flying into the home of Safia Hamuda Mohammed, a widow who lives nearby with her four daughters in a small tin-roofed dwelling. Safia told Amnesty International:
“Everything shook and pieces of metal came flying in, slicing through the roof and the walls. It is a miracle we are still alive and unharmed. We crouched by the wall and prayed. The pieces of metal fell right by our feet. I shudder to think at what could have happened if one of those pieces of metal had hit my daughters.”
Index: MDE 31/2291/2015 Amnesty International August 2015

Oxfam released this statement:

Grace Ommer, Oxfam's country director in Yemen said: "This is an outrage. The contents of the warehouse had no military value. It only contained humanitarian supplies associated with our previous work in Saada, bringing clean water to thousands of households."

Oxfam has been working in the northern governorate of Saada for several years, building water networks to bring clean water to 70,000 people in rural communities through the generous support of the European Union and Swiss Government. Before the escalation in violence, 10 million people were without access to clean water across the country.

Oxfam condemns coalition airstrike on one of its storage facilities in Saada Governorate in northern Yemen

Ref: 15041901

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