Monday, 27 April 2015

27th April 2015, residential street in Crater, Aden, Yemen, devastated by Saudi led coalition airstrike killing at least 18 civilians

On 27/28th April 2015, a residential street in the Crater in the district of Aden, Yemen, was struck by Saudi led coalition airstrikes hitting homes, cars, a school, a mosque and a maternity clinic, killing 18 civilians and wounding 47 others, including women and children.

This is reporter Iona Craig's account of what happened:

The aftermath of an April 27 Saudi-led bombing on the residential Crater district in the heart of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden, which killed at least 18 civilians, including seven members of one family. Photo: Iona Craig
'In the Crater district of Aden, nestled in the heart of a dormant volcano, at least 18 civilians were killed on April 28, including a family of seven. The crumbling buildings and carcasses of cars left behind suggest that multiple strikes hit the narrow residential street. The facade of one house torn open by bombs exposes furniture and family possessions like a child’s doll house; just a few yards away a school, mosque and maternity clinic all lie in ruins.'
Yemen's Hidden War: How the Saudi Led Coalition is Killing Civilians    

The following is a report from the Chinese news agency Xinhua:
'Up to 18 civilians were killed and 47 others wounded when warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition forces mistakenly hit a populated neighborhood in Yemen's southern port city of Aden on Monday, a government official told Xinhua.

  "A number of missiles fired by the Saudi-led warplanes struck a residential neighborhood in the district of Crater of Aden city by mistake, leaving dozens of people killed and wounded and destroying several houses at the scene," the local government official based in Aden said on condition of anonymity. "According to the initial reports, the Saudi-led airstrike killed about 18 civilians and wounded 47 others, including children and women," the government source said. Local residents confirmed to Xinhua that "very huge explosions rocked the populated neighborhood and caused several buildings to collapse while many people were living there."

An army commander fighting alongside with tribal militia loyal to Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in Aden said that "apparently the Saudi-led airstrike were aiming to target armored trucks of the Houthi gunmen stationed in Crater district."

 "But unfortunately the raids mistook its target and hit residential buildings that caused large destruction in the area," the army commander said.'

Ref: 15042701

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