Tuesday, 7 April 2015

7th Apr 2015, 2 students killed and 9 wounded when Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit next to school in Ibb, Yemen

On 7th April 2015, a Saudi led coalition airstrike hit right next to Martyr Al-Rasheedi School school in Ibb, killing 2 or 3 students and injured from 2 to 9 (depending on report).

UNICEF released the following statement:
Attributable to UNICEF Yemen Representative Julien Harneis SANA’A/AMMAN, 8 April 2015 – “Yesterday’s airstrike on Al Rasheedi school in Yemen's Ibb governorate, which left at least two children dead and two injured, is a stark reminder of the appalling risks facing children as the conflict in Yemen intensifies."

An interview with one of the injured students can be seen on Transterra Media with the following transcript:
April 7, 2015
Ibb, Yemen
SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Boy) Mohammad Moshen Abdo al-Rashidi, Injured Student
Interviewer: Tell us what happened with you.
Injured student: "We were at school, studying, when the explosions hit the base. As soon as we heard the sound of explosions, we went out to the schoolyard. When we heard the second explosion, we fled the school. We were caught by surprise when explosion took place outside the school. I suddenly realized that I was in the hospital and my arm was amputated. They told us that two students were killed and that I was taken with another student to the hospital. I do not know anything else.
Interviewer: What is your name?
Injured student: Mohammad Moshen Abdo al-Rashidi”
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The following report by HRW Belkis Wille mentions 'at least' 2 killed and otheres wounded:

The following report by Yemen Times mentions 2 killed and 9 injured when the airstrike hit next to the Martyr Al-Rashidi School, in Al-Sabrah district of Ibb governorate, while classes were already in session. It states that Ibrahim Al-Badani, a local journalist, visited the school a few hours after the shelling and confirmed the casualties and that the injured students were taken to the Nasser and Al-Thawra hospitals:

The following report by Khabar News Agency reports 3 killed and 9 injured:

WARNING: the following video of the incident is graphic and distressing. It is put here as evidence of war crimes to call for an independent UN investigation and to call on Western countries to honour the Arms Treaty and stop the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

The following report by the Legal Center for Rights and Development mentions attacks on both Al Shaheed (Martyr) AlRasheedi and Al Zobair bn Alawam schools on that day with 3 students killed and 'a lot of students' injured:

 Ref: 15040701

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