Tuesday, 21 April 2015

21st April 2015, Saudi led coalition airstrikes target residential area of Haradh, northwest Yemen, killing 11 injuring 67

Starting in the early hours of 21st April 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes targeted the Haradh district of Northwest Yemen, where they hit a residential area, small guest houses, restaurants and communications networks. Eleven people were killed and at least sixty seven were wounded whilst properties were devastated. Over the next few days almost the entire population of the town fled leaving the place like a ghost town, reported Medicine San Frontier who were supporting Haradh public hospital at that time, which was the last of the town's four hospitals to remain open.

These videos document the Saudi led coalition air strikes on Yemen. WARNING, they are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and DISTRESSING. They are put here as evidence to support the call for an independent enquiry into war crimes and to call on the West to stop supplying arms to Saudi Arabia.

Ref: 15042101

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