Saturday, 13 June 2015

13th June 2015, 10 killed 19 injured when Yesnem market in Baqim, Yemen, is hit by Saudi coalition airstrike

On 13th June 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit the Yesnem local market in Baqim directorate in the governorate of Saadah. The initial casualty count at the time of the report was 10 killed and at least 19 injuured. Friday is a particularly busy day at market places in Yemen since people tend to do their shopping before and after their Friday prayers at the mosque.

This is a brief translation of the main points in the following video report:

Friday, a weekly holiday when people do their errands, and a Muslim holy day of worship. In the early morning hours, the Saudi-led coalition bombarded the Yasnem local market, at Baqim Directorate,in the Governorate of Saada, when it was busy with both shoppers and worshipers. The raid killed 10 and injured 19, though this is only the initial estimate of casualties. There were three strikes. The first two strikes were consecutive and then there was a pause. After about 15 minutes, as people emerged to assist survivors, a third strike came unexpectedly, hitting both the initial victims and their would-be rescuers. Shops and cars were destroyed as well. There are still families searching in despair for their missing loved ones among the chaos of dismembered bodies.

Ref: 15061303

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