Saturday, 6 June 2015

6th June 2015, 16 killed when public bus hit by Saud led coalition airstrike in Dar Saad, Aden, Yemen

On 6th June 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit a bus on in the district of Dar Saad in Aden, killing at least 16 civilians. This is reporter Iona Craig's account of what happened:

"On June 12, six days after an airstrike split a large public transport bus in two on the edge of Aden’s Dar Saad district, Lami Yousef Ali, 23, found the decomposing body of his 28-year-old brother, Abdu, still entangled in the wreckage. Lami and Abdu had been chatting via WhatsApp moments before the bus was bombed, and their father, Yusef Ali, also died in the strike, which killed at least 16 civilians. According to witnesses, this bombing also hit two cars carrying Houthi fighters. (This is the only case of the eight strikes investigated in which Houthi fighters appear to have been the target rather than civilians.) Although no remnants of the cars are visible at the strike site, the twisted metal of the bisected bus still lies in the sand, rusting in the scorching heat of Aden’s summer sun. In the background the familiar sound of distant bombings resonates from the shifting front lines as the battle moves on."
Yemen's Hidden War: How the Saudi Led Coalition is Killing Civilians   

The following daily report by the Legal Center for Rights and Development mentions the strike on the bus, stating 14 civilians were killed as well as many other incidents that day. (Note that it is listed as Lahj district in the report below, since the incident happened on the edge of Lahj/Aden districts).

Ref: 15060601


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