Tuesday, 2 June 2015

2nd June 2015, 5 children and 3 women killed when Saudi led airstrike hit homes in Hamdan, Sanaa, Yemen

On 2nd June 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes hit homes in al-Erra village in Hamdan, Sana'a governorate, destroying 1 house and damaging 2, killing 8 people including 5 children and 3 women, and injuring 1 other lady.

This is Amnesty International's report of the incident: 

 Al-‘Erra village, Hamdan, (Sana’a governorate), 2 June 2015

Five children and three women were killed from the al-‘Etmi and al-Qibli families and another relative was injured in an airstrike at around 5:30PM on 2 June. It completely destroyed one house and part-demolished two others. The location of the strike is less than one kilometre west of al-Kawla Air Force base and some two to three kilometres west of al-Dailami Air Force base, but residents said there were no hostilities or fighters operating in the area at the time.

Hasan Mohamed Qaed al-‘Etmi, a 35-year-old ice cream seller, lost four of his children, and his wife and sister were injured. He told Amnesty International:

“I was away from the house, when at around 5:30PM on that Tuesday my son called me and said that an airstrike had hit a place next to our house. He didn’t want to shock me. He asked me to come over. When I got back, I found that my sister Hooria had been injured on her head. After I made sure she was alright, I headed towards my house and I saw a big crowd gathered … I saw my wife injured and crying and she was looking for our children. After looking amongst the rubble, we found the bodies of two of our children Qaed (four) and Adeeb (seven). We then continued to search and we found [the bodies of] Radina (eight) and Amira (11), but we did not find them until three hours later … Amira’s head and face had been smashed.”

Ali al-Qibli, a maths teacher who lost his five-year-old son Shihab and his 18-year-old daughter Noura, told Amnesty International:

“I couldn’t recognize my daughter Noura because her face was destroyed. My son pointed out her dress amongst the rubble…In the previous week there were three or four airstrikes on the al-Dailami Air Force base in the airport compound [two to three kilometres west].”

Neighbour Mohamed Ali, who was playing football about 200 metres from house at the time of the incident, said:

“I heard an explosion west of our village; I later knew it was an airstrike. Five minutes later I saw a bomb drop on the house of al-Qibli family about 200 metres from where I was playing football. A cloud of dust and smoke went up from the al-Qibli’s house and the al-‘Etmi house next to it. We ran over. I saw a girl under the rubble. She had a head injury and was not moving, Body parts were scattered up to 10 metres away.”

After the strike many residents fled from their homes fearing further airstrikes.


This is Mwatana's report of the incident:

Ref: 15060202

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