Sunday, 7 June 2015

7th June 2015, 53 civilians killed 210 injured by Saudi led coalition airstrikes on densley populated area of Sanaa, Yemen

On the 7th June 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes targeted the Headquarters of Public Leadership in Sanaa which, was located in a densely populated area. The airstrikes destroyed nearby houses and shops. It is reported that those who went to help with rescue efforts were then targeted with further raids as there were 6 raids in total. The Legal Center for Rights and Development based in Sanaa reported 53 civilians killed and 210 others injured.

Warning: the following videos are very graphic and distressing. They are placed here as evidence to call on the UN to launch and independent inquiry and to call upon Western governments to honour the arms treaty by stopping the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

The following video shows human remains that were collected in plastic bags from the streets and roof tops.

Ref: 15060701

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