Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30th June 2015, Saudi led coalition airstrike hits residential home in Al-Hawban area of Taiz, Yemen, killing 2 parents and their two young children

On 30th June 2015, the Saudi led coalition airstrikes struck a residential home two times in the Al-Hawban area of east of Taiz, killing a married couple and their two daughters aged 2 and 5. Their two young sons survived since they were play at a relatives' house at that time. This is Amnesty International's report of the incident:


In the city of Ta’iz, on 30 June, coalition forces launched two airstrikes against the home of Fahmi Qa’id al-Najdan, a 39-year property dealer, killing him, his wife Khulud, 35, and their two daughters Rinad and Malak, aged two and five. The couple’s two young boys survived because they had gone to play at a relatives’ house nearby.

Fahmi’s brother told Amnesty International:

“The house was bombed twice, about 20 minutes apart, at about 1 -1.15pm. The house was destroyed, leaving no chance of survival for anyone in the house. Some people say that the Saudis said in the media that there was an arms cache in the house and others say that 30 Huthis were killed in the house. None of this is true. They killed a father, a mother and their two little girls. Anyone who wants can dig in the ruins of the house to check if there are weapons or Huthis. Only God knows why they bombed this home. May God do justice”.

The house, a large and solid structure, collapsed onto itself. It is not possible to fully assess what lies under the debris, but no evidence is visible that the house contained a weapon store or that combatants had been at the house. There were also no remains of weapons in the rubble, no signs of secondary explosions, no information that bodies were recovered other than the four family members, putting into question the justification and legality of the strike.


This is Mwatana's report of the incident (note they have this listed as 1st July, not 30th June):


Ref: 15063001

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